Meal Train for Hila and Ilana Blumenthal

About this Meal Train

Mindy Goldberg, mother of Ilana and Hila Blumenthal, passed away suddenly Sunday morning, April 23, 2017. The girls will of course need all the support they can get. This Train will be include about 2 weeks of meals for the girls. Thanks to everyone for helping to care for the Blumenthal girls.

Visit the Meal Train at

Sale of Chametz Form 5777

Dear Friend of the Community (חבר קהילה):

Many of us know that according to Jewish law and practice, Jews may not eat nor possess nor benefit from anyhametz (fermented or leavened grain-products) during the entire holiday of Passover (Pesach; Monday afternoon, April 10 – Tuesday night, April 18). It is customary to empty your house of all hametz, including any items made from barley, rye, oat, wheat, or spelt (mnemonic: B.R.O.W.S.) prior to Passover.  This practice even applies to your pet’s food and even if you will be away during the holiday.

While many Jews pack up their hametz and put them out of the way in a secure place in the home, such as a garage or a taped cupboard, there are other methods to dispose of hametz: in some homes, members of the family hunt for the hametz on the eve before Pesach and then burn it the next morning. Others donate all of theirhametz to a food bank. A popular way to get rid of your hametz is to sell it to a non-Jew, using an appointed agent to conduct that transaction. To facilitate the selling of hametz, I (Rabbi Ferency) agree to act as our representative and will be selling hametz. On the next page you will find a sale of hametz contract.

Please return this contract to the synagogue office by April 3. It is customary to send a small donation to the synagogue in lieu of payment for these services. Checks should be made out to “Heska Amuna” and designated in the Memo line for the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. These funds will help fulfill the mitzvah ofma’ot hittim, helping needy Jews observe the holiday of Passover.

This contract may be returned to the Synagogue office by mail, in person, or by scanning and emailing back to, no later than April 3.

Board Bima and Usher Schedule 2017 February to June

Door/Bimah Usher

February 2017

11  Marilyn Burnett

18  Jeannie Bobroff

25 Markus Eisenbach

February 2017

11 Bernard Bendriem

18 Jared Iroff-Bailey

25 Jenifer Ohriner

March  2017

4 Barb Levin

11  Mary Ann Merrell

18  Mark Siegel

25 Mary Ann Merrell

March  2017

4  Jeff Jacobson

11  Bernard Bendriem

18 Abraham Brietstein

25 Rachel Bonano

April 2017

1 Janet Gurwitch

8 Rachel Bonano

15 Barry Allen

22 Jenifer Ohriner

29 Jason Scharfman

April 2017

1 Etyan Klausner

8  Serina Scott

15 Ken Brown

22 Mary Ann Merrell

29 Miriam Weinstein

May  2017

6 Abraham Brietstein

13 Jared Iroff-Bailey

20 Markus Eisenbach

27  Adam Rowe

May  2017

6 Adam Rowe

13 Miriam Weinstein

20 Barb Levin

27 Jeannie Bobroff

June 2017

3 Eytan Klausner

10 Ken Brown

17 Serina Scott

24 Raphe Panitz

June 2017

3 Raphe Panitz

10 Janet Gurwitch

17 Marilyn Burnett

24 Mark Siegel

*** If you cannot work on your assigned week, please contact fellow Board members to find a replacement and email the main office by Wednesday so the correct name may be included in the Shabbat brochure.***


Due to Knox County Schools being closed for illnesses, HARS will be closed January 29th. Friday night’s Shabbat Dinner will also be rescheduled to a later date. Sunday school on February 2nd will proceed as planned.

Leaders Shabbat and Defenders of the Faith Fund

Heska Amuna Synagogue proudly announces the first annual Leaders of Our Tribe Shabbat Celebration: A Proper President’s Day Commemoration of our Heska Amuna Leadership

Join our February 18 Shabbat service as we honor the men and women who, for over 105 years, have served as Officers of our Board of Trustees, Sisterhood, and Men’s Club. Stewarding us since 1911, we have a delightfully long history to celebrate!

This Inaugural Celebration also marks the establishment of the “Defenders of the Faith” fund. Details below.


  1. Share your pictures or stories. Send remembrances of our past leaders via email, paper mail, or call us to set up a recording session! We will copy and return all pictures or documents.
  2. Show your appreciation. Attend our celebration on February 18. Shabbat Services will begin at 9:30 a.m. followed by a special Kiddush.
  3. Kvel with us. Enjoy a special D’var Torah Parshah Play from our Heska Amuna Religious School students – our leaders of the future!
  4. Support our congregation. Be a donor to our new “Defenders of the Faith”
  • The “Defenders of the Faith” Fund
  • Honor all Heska Amuna elected leaders of our Board of Trustees, Sisterhood, and Men’s Club
  • “Defenders of the Faith” is derived from a translation of “Heska Amuna”
  • Funds to be used only for repair, replacement, or embellishment of items used for religious observances, prayer, or Torah study such as Torah scrolls, our Holy Arks, and other ritual or religious items
  • Founder’s Special: A commemorative plaque will acknowledge all donors helping to establish the required base funding of $4,000. Donations of all amounts are appreciated and must be received by February 28, 2017 to be included on the plaque