Learn to Read Torah!

We encourage everyone to dip their toes into learning to read Torah. We have exceptional tutors that can – and would be honored to – help you. Just ask! Send us a note to RRS@HeskaAmuna.org and this will put you in touch with our Rabbi and Religious Services Committee. It’s as easy as that!

On Shabbat, we read from our “Shabbat Torah” which is a beautifully written Torah scroll. The Five Books of Moses are divided into 54 parashiyot (portions) that are listed below. Each of the links has a zipped file that includes all of the images from our Torah for the entire parsha. If you have trouble downloading the zipped file that has the weekly Torah images, just click on that week’s parsha and select “Save Link As” and then save the zipped file to your computer. If you get a warning about the security of the file, it is OK to still download the file.

We hope that you will enjoy learning a reading or two!