Learn Synagogue Melodies

Oseh Shalom (DeBeers, ’87 melody) by Rabbi Ferency

Yom Kippur Ne’ila Service 5780 by Gilya Schmidt

The Sweet Sounds of the Shofar: Rosh Hashanah Shofar service by Ken Brown

Ashrei by Nancy Becker

Shaharit Kedusha by Ken Brown

Musaf Kedusha by Jennye Merrell

Adon Olam by Michael Friedman

El Adon by Michael Friedman

Psalm 30 by Rabbi Ferency

Ahavah Rabbah by Rabbi Ferency

Musaf Kedusha by Rabbi Ferency

Psalm 150 by Rabbi Ferency

Shemini Atzeret Hatzi Kaddish and Musaf Amida with Geshem by Gilya Schmidt

Rosh Hashanah Pesukei Dezimra by Elyse Messing

Psalm 136 by Rabbi Ferency

El Adon by Rabbi Moshe Elbaz

Mi Chamocha by Rabbi Moshe Elbaz

Shaharit Kedushah by Rabbi Moshe Elbaz

Blessing of New Month by Michael Burnett

Melodies on YouTube

Torah Blessings by Hazzan Brian Shamash

Blessings after the Haftarah by Hazzan Brian Shamash

Ashrei by Hazzan Brian Shamash