Potluck Events and Foods Prepared Outside the Heska Amuna Synagogue Kosher Kitchen

For special approved programs and events, foods prepared outside the Heska Amuna kosher kitchen may be served in the Rosen Social Hall. To ensure the integrity of synagogue kashrut, these programs are subject to the following conditions and requirements:

  • All foods served must be either parve (vegan) or dairy (vegetarian).
  • All food prepared outside the synagogue must be served in disposable containers.
  • The kitchen, storage cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers will be locked during these events. However, the synagogue provides the following, specifically designated for these events:
    • 1 refrigerator/freezer, locked when not in use.
    • 2 cabinets to store program-related goods, also locked when not in use.
  • All supplies needed for the program, such as paper plates, serving pieces, and tablecloths, must be furnished by the organizers of the program. Synagogue supplies may not be used.
  • Foods and supplies may not be carried into nor removed from the synagogue from 5:00 p.m. Friday until full darkness on Saturday night.
  • Leftover foods from the event may be taken out, aside from the aforementioned times. Otherwise, they will be given to soup kitchens.
  • Any non-disposable items, such as serving utensils, are to be washed in water provided by the kitchen supervisor and not washed in the kitchen or custodial sinks.
  • Tables used for these events must be covered with plastic tablecloths provided by the event organizers. Linen tablecloths may not be used. At the end of event, used plastic tablecloths must be disposed of.
  • The Rosen Social Hall floors must be swept by the organizers following the program.
  • All garbage must be disposed of following the program.