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Sep. 21 Ki Tavo     (Coordinator: Mary Ann Merrell)

Request AliyahReading # VersesHumash PageTikkun Page Reader
 1 KohenDeut. 27:11-28:3191146234-235Rabbi Ferency
 2 LeviDeut. 28:4-631149235Rabbi Ferency
 3 ShelishiDeut. 28:7-1151149235Rabbi Ferency
 4 Revi'iDeut. 28:12-1431150235Rabbi Ferency
 5 HamishiDeut. 28:15-69551150235-237Patrick Messing
 6 ShishiDeut. 29:1-551158238Mary Ann Merrell
 7 Shevi'iDeut. 29:6-831159238Mary Ann Merrell
 MaftirDeut. 29:6-831159238Mary Ann Merrell
 HaftarahIsaiah 60:1-22221160 Patrick Messing

 Pesukei DeZimra    Rabbi Ferency
 Shaharit    Rabbi Ferency
 Torah Service    Patrick Messing
 Musaf    Patrick Messing
Board Representative    

Sep. 28 Nitzavim     (Coordinator: Mary Ann Merrell)

Request AliyahReading # VersesHumash PageTikkun Page Reader
1 KohenDeut. 29:9-1131165238 
2 LeviDeut. 29:12-1431165238 
3 ShelishiDeut. 29:15-28141166238-239 
4 Revi'iDeut. 30:1-661169239 
5 HamishiDeut. 30:7-1041170239 
6 ShishiDeut. 30:11-1441170239-240 
7 Shevi'iDeut. 30:15-2061171240 
MaftirDeut. 30:18-2031171240 
HaftarahIsaiah 61:10-63:9231180  

Pesukei DeZimra    
Torah Service    
Board Representative    

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