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Jan. 23 Bo     (Coordinator: Markus Eisenbach)

Request AliyahReading # VersesHumash PageTikkun Page Reader
1 KohenEx. 11:4-107379  
2 LeviEx. 12:1-1010380  
3 ShelishiEx. 12:11-133382  
4 Revi'iEx. 12:14-163383  
5 HamishiEx. 12:17-204385  
6 ShishiEx. 12:21-244385  
7 Shevi'iEx. 12:25-284386  
HaftarahJeremiah 46:13-2816395  

Pesukei DeZimra    
Torah Service    

Note:    10:00 am Zoom Service

Note:    Shaharit - Omit Hatzi Kaddish, Barekhu, reader's repetition of Amidah, Kaddish Shalem (Add songs from Amidah (e.g. Sim Shalom, Oseh Shalom) at leader's discretion.)

Note:    Torah Service - Ayn Kamokha and Av Harahamim before reading and Mizmor L'David after

Note:    Torah Readings and Haftarah - no blessings

Note:    Musaf - Omit Hatzi Kaddish and Kaddish Shalem. Include first two blessings and small blessing after Kedushah (Add songs from Amidah (e.g. Yismechu, Sim Shalom, Oseh Shalom) at leader's discretion.)

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