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Jul. 16 Balak     (Coordinator: Michael Burnett)

Request AliyahReading # VersesHumash PageTikkun Page Reader
 1 KohenNum. 22:39-23:58899182Miriam Weinstein
 2 LeviNum. 23:6-127900182-183Miriam Weinstein
 3 ShelishiNum. 23:13-2614901183Miriam Weinstein
 4 Revi'iNum. 23:27-304903183Miriam Weinstein
 5 HamishiNum. 24:1-1313903183-184Miriam Weinstein
 6 ShishiNum. 24:14-2512905184Miriam Weinstein
7 Shevi'iNum. 25:1-99907184-185 
MaftirNum. 25:7-93908184-185 
 HaftarahMicah 5:6-6:817914 Gilya Schmidt

Pesukei DeZimra    
 Shaharit    Gilya Schmidt
 Torah Service    Catherine Greer
 Musaf    Catherine Greer

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