Sale of Chametz Form 5777

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Dear Friend of the Community (חבר קהילה):

Many of us know that according to Jewish law and practice, Jews may not eat nor possess nor benefit from anyhametz (fermented or leavened grain-products) during the entire holiday of Passover (Pesach; Monday afternoon, April 10 – Tuesday night, April 18). It is customary to empty your house of all hametz, including any items made from barley, rye, oat, wheat, or spelt (mnemonic: B.R.O.W.S.) prior to Passover.  This practice even applies to your pet’s food and even if you will be away during the holiday.

While many Jews pack up their hametz and put them out of the way in a secure place in the home, such as a garage or a taped cupboard, there are other methods to dispose of hametz: in some homes, members of the family hunt for the hametz on the eve before Pesach and then burn it the next morning. Others donate all of theirhametz to a food bank. A popular way to get rid of your hametz is to sell it to a non-Jew, using an appointed agent to conduct that transaction. To facilitate the selling of hametz, I (Rabbi Ferency) agree to act as our representative and will be selling hametz. On the next page you will find a sale of hametz contract.

Please return this contract to the synagogue office by April 3. It is customary to send a small donation to the synagogue in lieu of payment for these services. Checks should be made out to “Heska Amuna” and designated in the Memo line for the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. These funds will help fulfill the mitzvah ofma’ot hittim, helping needy Jews observe the holiday of Passover.

This contract may be returned to the Synagogue office by mail, in person, or by scanning and emailing back to, no later than April 3.

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