Readings on Considering the Burial of NonJewish Spouses/Children in a Jewish Cemetery

The following readings are provided by the Rabbi and Religious Services Committee (R&RS) for sharing perspectives and concepts that are relevant to Heska Amuna Synagogue as we consider the burial of NonJewish spouses or children in our Jewish cemetery here.  (Just click on any of the document titles below to access the reading.) If you have questions or would like further information, please contact R&RS at or call the office for Rabbi or our congregational Co-Presidents Jeannie Bobroff and Markus Eisenbach at 522-0701.

Abelson-Weiss_Burial of Non-Jewish Spouse

Bergman – A Matter of Grave Concern

Central Conference of American Rabbis Responsa

Geller – Peaceful Paths

Moon – Burial of NonJews in a Jewish Cemetery

Nathan-Kazis – Cemeteries Are Becoming New Challenge for Interfaith Families

Yeres – Burial of Non-Halakhic Converts