Purim 5778

Celebrate PURIM!

Celebrate the Four Mitzvot of Purim with us!

The 1st: Listen to the (whole) Megillah 
The 2nd: Enjoy a Festive Meal
The 3rd: Give Gifts! 
(Mishloach Manot – a gift bag filled with hamantashen and other treats)
The 4th: Give Charity to those in Need
(We will be taking donations for the Knoxville Community Coalition against Human Trafficking again this year).

To make reservations for dinner, donations, or to send Mishloach Manot to friends and family, click the links from our homepage or call the office, 522-0701.

Two Chances to Hear the Megillah!
1) Wednesday Feb, 28: Evening Reading

– Join us for dinner followed by a most non-traditional reading in many languages (including Hungarian, Russian, Greek, Latin, and a few dead tongues, too!)
– Dinner, 5:30; Megillah reading, 6:15 (Please RSVP for dinner; $5 per person; HARS children are free)
– Don’t forget the Religious School costume contest (open to children of all ages!)
2) Traditional Megillah reading: 
Thursday, March 1 at 7:00 am followed by a festive holiday meal provided by Rabbi Ferency.

 Enjoy Giving Mishloach Manot – a gift bag of hamantashen and treats! 

The Religious School will make a Mishloach Manot for every congregation family. Add your name and “Chag Sameach” greetings for any 2 families/individuals with a Knoxville zip code for an $18 donation (4 for $36, etc.) or send greetings for everyone’s Mishloach Manot in the congregation for $72.
Deadline to order Mishloach Manot has been
extended to
 Monday, February 26!

Pick up your Mishloach Manot at either Megillah reading or come by the office Thursday (3/2), Friday (3/3), or Sunday (3/4). 
If you cannot pick up your Mishloach Manot, it will be delivered to you later on the 4th. If you will be out of town on the 4th, please let Morah Betty or the office know.
Help us put the Mishloach Manot together on Monday, Feb 26 and Tuesday, Feb 27 (10 to noon). Or pick up a few extra Mischloach Manot on Sunday, March 4 and help us deliver to those who live in your neighborhood. Just let Morah Betty know how you can help!

The 4th Mitzvot

Tucked away amid the festive frivolity of Purim is a clear commandment to give tzedakah, known as matanot la’evyonim (gifts to the poorEsther 9:22).

Heska Amuna has designated the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking to be one of the recipients of our organized giving during Purim this year.

We were privileged to hear from Katie Peck Little, Director of Advancement for the Coalition, at our Heska Amuna Women’s League Rosh Chodesh program last week. The Coalition’s mission is to end modern day slavery.  We were educated about how sex trafficking occurs. It rarely involves kidnapping someone but most often happens when a young (average age 12) vulnerable girl is manipulated by a ruthless pimp. Sadly, even though they are not willing participants, these victims are often not welcomed by many, including other women in abused women’s shelters where they often seek protection. The Coalition can meet the unique needs of these trafficked victims and give them life again.

If you suspect that someone could be a victim of human trafficking, please notify the FBI at knoxville.fbi.gov or (865) 544-0751.
Please consider donating tzedakah in honor of Purim to advance the priceless work that the Community Coalition does: heskaamuna.org/donations-and- funds/.
The Coalition’s web site is https://growfreetn.org/