Kallah – It Was Grand!

What do you call a problem when you can’t get everyone in the picture?


Thank you to everyone who made our Kallah at Cumberland Falls State Park such a great weekend – you, and you, and you!


It was truly a magical weekend of community – special for the nature that surrounded us, the gifts we are to each other, and for the insights we shared.  We certainly did relax, were refreshed, and were inspired. We certainly did spend time with old friends and happily made many new ones. 

Our most sincere thanks and appreciation goes to

  • The Kallah Project and Rabbi Barb Moskow (mentor extraordinaire)
  • The Sturm family and the Bradley Sturm Memorial Fund (for providing funding for ALL of our children to attend)
  • The Wendy and Theodore Besmann Fund (for providing funding for the Kallah Tikkun Olam project originated by Zach Scott)
  • The Women’s League (for providing endless support for programming, providing childcare, and awesome hospitality bags)

Thank you to our inspiring thought leaders and activity leaders: Bernie Bernstein, Ted Besmann, Rabbi Ferency, Frank Floyd, Josh Gettinger, Josh Hedrick Marian Jay, Barb Levin, Harvey Liberman, Marilyn Liberman, Bryan Merrell, Deborah Oleshansky, Adam Rowe, Serina and Zach Scott, Bella Wolitz, David Wolitz

Thank you to our outstanding organizing, program, and logistics committee members: Nancy Becker, Bernard Bendriem, Jeannie Bobroff, Rabbi Ferency, Betty Golub, Janet Gurwitch, Kim and Josh Hedrick, Barb Levin, Mary Ann Merrell, Rabbi Moskow, Jenifer Ohriner, Bella and David Wolitz – and to our official Kallah photographer Jack Benhayon!

Check our online Shabbat weekend we will long remember.

(And stay tuned for news on hat is next, too!).