How to Register for the Kallah

Registering for the Kallah is as easy as 1-2-3!

**Registration due by Monday, October 16th (for a guaranteed hotel room!)

The registration fee includes *all* of the costs for your lodging and all meals (parve/dairy) – from Friday afternoon until Sunday, 11 am.  Before you go to our on-line form under the “Kallah/Events” tab on our website (or you can also register by calling the office), here are the decisions you will need to make:

Step #1:

Should I go?

Will it be a great weekend? ABSOLUTELY YES.  (See how easy this is; we already answered the first question for you!)

Step #2:

Do I want a private room to myself or am I going to share a room?   

For a room by yourself (single occupancy), your registration fee is $275; if you want to share a room with someone, each adult registration fee is $200.  So, two adults sharing a room is $400 for both of you. (This is considered “double occupancy” on the registration form even if there are more than two of you actually sharing the room).

Note: If you turn in your registration by August 31st, enjoy the Early Bird Special and deduct $25 per person.

If you have children or grandchildren under the age of 18 sharing a room with you, there is NO CHARGE for the children. But we do need for you to put their names on your registration.

Step #3:

What type of room do I want to sleep in?

HOTEL ROOM: A standard hotel room with 2 double or queen sized beds in the DuPont Lodge. (The Lodge is where all meals and most of our activities will be located).  Handicap accessible rooms are available in the Lodge on the main floor.

COTTAGE: One bedroom cottages sleep 1-4; two-bedroom cottages sleep 2-6. Cottages have a sitting area separate from the bedroom and kitchenettes. They are located right next to the Lodge; several cottages are handicap accessible.

CABIN: Two bedroom cabins sleep 8-10. Downstairs, each bedroom has two double or queen sized beds and it’s own bathroom; there is a separate sleeping area upstairs with a pull-out couch that can sleep two and also a half-bath. Each cabin has a spacious living room and full kitchen. If you want to share a cabin with another family or couple, be sure to let us know. Several cabins are built on one-level; these are handicap accessible. The cabins are a short five-minute walk to the Lodge.

That’s It (Almost)! 

One other thing: After you register, please pay one-half of the registration fee as a deposit to hold your space. Full payment is due by October 5. Because of restrictions from Cumberland Falls State Park, we are not able to refund any deposits or payments if cancellation occurs after October 5th.

*If you need transportation or would like to share a ride, please let us know.

*Lastly, if you need financial assistance to be able to join us, please let the Rabbi know.