Glazer Fellowship

The Diane and Guilford Glazer Fellowship will provide Heska Amuna Synagogue $25,000 this year.


There are many ways to describe the purpose behind this amazing opportunity. Most succinctly, the Glazer Fellowship translates tzeddakah and mitzvot into dollars. Put another way, the Glazer Fellowship will help us build a culture of philanthropy into the very fabric of Heska Amuna Synagogue. The social justice and good deeds we perform will have the same positive effect such actions always have: tikkun olam, healing the world. Thanks to the Glazer Fellowship, those same actions will now also strengthen our Synagogue financially, which will in turn strengthen and build us as a community.

..and how?

Any volunteer work you do for any non-profit organization will be “paid” to Heska Amuna Synagogue by the Glazer Fellowship at a rate of $18/hr. So, for example, each person who helps put up the Sukkah will earn $18/hour for Heska Amuna Synagogue. If you went to Baton Rouge for 2 days and worked for the Red Cross for a total of 20 hours, the Glazer Fellowship will pay $18/hour x 20 hours = $360 to our Synagogue.

All you have to do is complete this form and log in your volunteer hours!

Huh? (A few FAQs)

 Does the work have to be for Heska Amuna?
No, any work for any non-profit counts. For example: AJCC; The Red Cross; Hadassah; American Cancer Society; United Way.

 When do I submit my hours?
You can submit hour hours day by day or month by month, or even quarter by quarter – whatever is easiest for you!

 What counts as “work”?
Most things that you do for a non-profit, for which you are not paid, such as:
• Helping out at the library, hospital or your favorite local charity
• Helping out in our Religious School or our Women’s League events
• Setting up tables at Deli on the Roof at the KJA
• Reading Torah; leading services; ushering for the High Holy Days
• Attending Board of Trustees or committee meetings
• Working with Jewish Family Services at the KJA

 Can the money I earn for Heska Amuna be used towards my dues?
No, except for new members for their first two years. However, Heska Amuna will not turn away people due to financial hardship, and we will work with those people to help them become and remain members, as we always have. The Glazer Fellowship is a separate program.

 Can I call the office and tell them my hours?
Only if you cannot use the website. We’re trying to help those working on Synagogue business to be as efficient as possible with their own time, which is part of what your dues pay for. If you cannot use the website, then you may record your volunteering using a paper form available in the Synagogue office, or you can call the Synagogue office.

 Who can answer my questions about this program?
• Rabbi Ferency – 522-0701 –