An Introduction to Heska Amuna Synagogue

Thank you for your interest in Heska Amuna. We encourage you to explore the follow links and documents provided to give you a view of our community.  Our Heska Amuna website is a great resource for learning about who we are.

We have a vibrant congregation that has many outstanding programs throughout the year and very committed congregants that lead an array of committees and activities. Our annual meeting in June, and the report presented there of our year, offers a great view of a typical year.

Be sure to check out our weekly newsletter  “Nu News” under the “About Us” link and Rabbi Ferency’s monthly newsletter, “The New Moon News” which is also under the “About Us” link.

Our synagogue has an unusual organizational structure. We have both a Chair of the Board of Trustees (primarily responsible for management) and a President (primarily responsible for religious services).  These positions and an operational view of our synagogue is defined in our constitution.

Our Board of Trustees requires a balanced budget each year to assure smooth operations of the synagogue including our current year’s budget.

If you have any questions, just let us know!