Heska Amuna Synagogue has served the Jewish community of Knoxville, Tennessee for over 130 years. We balance respect for tradition with openness to new ideas and practices. We come together as a family in the warmth of Shabbes, the spirituality of Jewish holy days, and the sharing of life’s important passages. We are small enough to be personal, but large enough to meet the needs of a diverse membership. We emphasize education and pride ourselves on the skills of our adult lay leadership and on the accomplishments of our youth. We welcome all to be a part of our family.

Rabbi Rosenbaum’s “Lunch and Learn” (Wednesdays at 11:30) this week will be zoom only (see link below). Rabbi’s “Psintillating Psalms” class will be held next on Monday, June 3 at 6:30 pm (zoom only – click *here* to join.) Keep up with Rabbi’s blog *here* and his YouTube channel *here.*

Let’s Count the Omer and Journey to Shavuot Together! (And then join us for the Shavuot Tikkun on Tuesday evening, June 11 from 8-10 pm with Rabbi Rosenbaum leading our study and Women’s League cooking our sweet desserts.)

This puzzle has 49 pieces, each representing one day of Counting the Omer. (Omer = a measure of barley offered at the Temple in days of old). Just as our ancestors had these 49 days to prepare spiritually, we too have these days to contemplate our own personal journey to receiving the Ten Commandments. Each week during the Omer period we focus on exploring specific Sefirot, personal emotions and qualities.

During the first weeks, we focused on chesed (loving kindness), gevurah (justice), tiferet (harmony and compassion), and netzach (endurance), and hod (humility and modesty). This week, we focus on yesod – bonding and connection. Who in your life best represents this sefirah? By giving a chai ($18) donation, or any amount you choose, share the names of those in our community or in your family who represent one of your sefirot.

Each name that is added uncovers a piece of our puzzle. Donations received will be used to purchase copies of Lev Shalem, the siddur we use on zoom and will be using in person beginning this summer. Click *here* to add the names of those most meaningful to you.

SERVICES AND PROGRAMS THIS COMING WEEK: (Links to all programs services are below)

  • Tuesday, May 28, minyan at 8 pm led by Michael Burnett (zoom only)
  • Wednesday, May 29: Rabbi Rosenbaum’s Lunch and Learn, Wednesday, 11:30-12:30 (zoom only)
  • Wednesday, May 29, minyan at 6:30 led by Jack Love followed by Talmud Chat (zoom only)
  • Friday, May 30, Kabbalat Shabbat services at 6:30 led by Jack Love (zoom only)
  • Saturday, June 1, Text Study, 9:15 in the library (in-person only)
  • Saturday, June 1, Contemporary Shabbat service, 10 am; (in-person and zoom)

Make an appointment with Rabbi Rosenbaum here, email him here, or call (865)522-0701.

RABBI’s Wednesday LUNCH & LEARN will be zoom only this week, 11:30-12:30. Click *here* to zoom in. Click here to zoom into Rabbi’s Monday evening classes.

Shabbat Morning Text Study Continues!

Text study is led by William Thompson beginning at 9:15 in the synagogue library. Join us any Shabbat for intriguing discussion of Rabbi Rami Shapiro’s book. (We have extra copies if you would like to borrow one).


Our community connects in person for Shabbat Morning Services and on Zoom for services, adult learning classes and talks, podcasts, and meditations. Click *here* for our schedule of services and classes. (Please contact our office at 865-522-0701 or the Rabbi and Religious Services committee at  RRS@heskaamuna.org for details.)

Ongoing Services and Classes

  • Tuesdays 8:00 pm – Minyan (Zoom) *
  • Wednesdays 6:30 pm – Minyan (Zoom) *
  • Wednesdays 7:00 pm – Daf Yomi Talmud Study (Zoom) *
  • Fridays 6:30 pm – Kabbalat Shabbat Service (Zoom) *
  • Saturdays – Alternating Traditional (9:45 am) and Contemporary (10:00 am) Shabbat Morning Service (Zoom) ***
Click on Zoom next to a service or class above to join in at the indicated times.

* Zoom only – ** In person in synagogue only – *** Both in person in synagogue and Zoom
  • Heska Amuna Synagogue is a sacred home,
    animated by Jewish tradition:
  • • Finding purpose through reflection (Cheshbon HaNefesh);
  • • Healing lives through service (Chesed); and
  • • Celebrating God with awe and joy (Yirat Shamayim).