Religious School Overview


Dear Parent:

Welcome to the Heska Amuna Religious School.  Our School welcomes children of all ages 0-16 years old.  Our children are instructed by a faculty devoted and loyal to Judaism. Our staff is dedicated to the highest and best ideals in American Jewish life.  Our faculty consists of highly trained professionals who are constantly aware of the latest educational philosophy and methodology.  They are very sensitive to the uniqueness of each individual child, and their goal is to provide each student with the best Jewish education.

Good education has always been a basic foundation of Judaism.  From the inception of our religion, the Jewish people have developed a love for learning, for the sake of learning, wanting to learn as much as possible about life.  As people, we have never stopped asking questions and seeking truth.  This attitude and philosophy have helped us to become the most educated people in the world.  Our Talmud Torah subscribes to this philosophy.

There is, however, more to Jewish education than reading, writing and listening – Judaism is a vital, living religion.  Our curriculum, therefore, offers an educational program which also includes the living part of Judaism, that is, experiential Judaism.  Our children learn by doing!

In order for students in our school to have a successful and complete Jewish education, it is necessary that the support and active participation of all parents be given.  Children are very perceptive and usually know their parents’ stand on issues important to them.  Therefore, we believe that not only students share responsibilities in gaining a Jewish education, but that parents also have responsibilities in their relationship to the Religious

School.  Effective education is a partnership between the school, the home and the student.  A Jewish school can teach Judaism to children, but cannot develop a committed Jew without the involvement of the parents and family.  Together, we will instill wonderful Jewish values in our children!

 Jewish Education is a Partnership, Let’s Work Together!!

Here are some ways parents can help:     

  1. Show evidence of your real interest in your child’s religious school education and in his or her learning in the school.
  2. Discuss with your child his or her religious school studies. Become familiar with your child’s curriculum and reading materials.  Let your child know that you are genuinely interested in the subject matter currently being studied.
  3. Read your religious school mail and curriculum updates. Make sure that you are familiar with the homework assignments and that they are being completed.
  4. Have your child attend classes regularly, making sure that he or she arrives before class begins.
  5. If a child must be absent because of illness or other emergencies, contact the religious school office or the teacher and make sure your child obtains the missed work so that it can be made up.
  6. Attend with your child the various programs the Synagogue and school offer for the whole family, such as Family Workshops, festival celebrations and Shabbat worship services.
  7. Model Jewish Education by enrolling in Adult Education classes.
  8. Help your child to remember to bring his/her books to school.
  9. Encourage courteous, cooperative classroom behavior.