Adult Education


Hebrew, Basic and Advanced
Sundays, 10:00 a.m.
Opportunities to learn to read Hebrew letters, begin study of prayerbook Hebrew, including grammar and vocabulary, and an option for conversational modern Hebrew study.

Judaism 101, For Everyone
Sundays, 11:00 a.m.
An exploration of Jewish essentials for those who are Jewish by birth, by choice, or just interested. (Text: On One Foot, available from American Jewish University)

Judaism 201, Synagogue Skills
1st & 3rd Sunday every month, 7:15 p.m. (first class: February 18)
Train to lead worship, read and chant Torah and Haftara, with the option of celebrating an Adult Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah.

Judaism 301, Rabbinic Text
2nd & 4th Sunday every month, 7:15 p.m. (first class: February 25)
Read Hebrew texts with English translation, including but not limited to Mishnah (1st century precepts), Midrash (rabbinic “fan-fiction”), Sefer HaChinuch and Mussar (ethical literature of the medieval and early modern ages).

Torah for All Ages
Wednesdays, 4:15 p.m.
Join our religious school students as we learn to read from the Torah by studying and singing the trope (musical notation). Fun for all ages to learn and sing together – no musical skill needed!

Hebrew through Pirke Avot (Ethics of Our Ancestors)
Wednesdays, 5:00 p.m.
Expand you Hebrew reading and comprehension while learning the wisdom of our sages – the perfect class for the whole family!

A Page of Talmud
Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m.
Gather to read a page of Talmud (in English) together. This is a group activity rather than an instructor based course. Team leaders are Raphe Panitz and Jack Love.

If you have any questions about the classes, please contact the Rabbi at