January Events

Learning Classes:

Talmud Class Celebration, Wednesday, Jan 1 at 7 pm

Join us as we finish the 7-year cycle and celebrate “in style” with the world-wide community of readers of the Talmud.

Talmud Class—New Cycle Begins, Wednesday January 8 at 7 pm

Help us launch a new beginning, Talmud Tractate Berakhot “Blessings.” the start of the 14th cycle (makhzor). Jack Love will make a (brief!) presentation on the nature of the Talmud to encourage those who might be interested in joining us.

Sunday Synagogue University (SSU) classes, begin January 12 at 10 and 11 am

It will include Cooking, Creativity, and Yiddish classes. SSU is open to all, from ages 12 to 112.

Beginning Hebrew class, all Sundays 12-1 pm

Please contact Peggy Littmann at plittmann@comcast.net or (865) 776-1013 for more information

Mindfulness Practice, all Fridays, 12-1 pm

 All are invited for an hour of spiritual reflection (not necessarily religious) through music, meditation, shared experiences, and wisdom of the Jewish heritage. Facilitated by Rabbi Ferency in Sid’s Cafe.

Programs and special events:

This presentation will feature the research of distinguished UT Professor, Rob Heller, School of Journalism and Electronic Media, who spent 5 years recording the stories of the state’s Holocaust survivors and liberators. His photographs and interviews have been exhibited throughout the state and a smaller version of the exhibit has traveled to cities in Poland. Rob will describe how his life has been impacted by the project and will present a slideshow with images from the exhibit.