Donations and Funds

Heska Amuna Synagogue has a number of funds (see below) to which you may contribute. With a contribution to the synagogue, a card is sent to the person honored or the family of the one memorialized. (The amount of the donation is never mentioned). All donations will be listed in Ha’Kol, unless otherwise indicated. Donations may be called into the synagogue at 865-522-0701 or mailed to

Heska Amuna Synagogue
3811 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
Online donations, charged to PayPal or your credit card, may be made by filling in the information requested below and clicking on the Donate button.

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(Examples: In honor of Jerry and Joan Shapiro on their tenth wedding anniversary. In memory of George Brownstein. To thank Emily Goldblume for her work on the fundraiser. For the yahrzeit of Adam Greenberg.)

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Our Newest Fund: THE ELAINE BROWN AND MARILYN SHORR BIKKUR CHOLIM FUND – Established to provide funds to bring the care and strength of our Heska Amuna community to those who are sick, infirm, or isolated.

BERNARD AND SYLVIA COHEN MEMORIAL NON-PRINT LIBRARY – Established in memory of Sylvia and Bernard Cohen, Neil Cohen’s parents. Donations go to purchase non-print materials and the upkeep of the non-print library.

BRADLEY STURM MEMORIAL FUND – The interest from this fund goes for youth enrichment. Established in memory of Bradley Sturm.

CAMP RAMAH ENDOWMENT FUND – This fund helps offset the cost for students who may not be financially able to pay full tuition to Camp Ramah.

CEMETERY FUND – This fund supports maintenance of the New Jewish Cemetery.

CHESED COMMITTEE FUND – This fund helps offset the costs for supplies needed to provide the meal of condolence after a funeral.

COHEN-PRESSER ENDOWMENT FUND – Interest from this fund is designated for the long-term repairs of the Synagogue, to help maintain the physical integrity of the building. Established in memory of Amy Cohen and David Cohen, Eva and Louis Slovis, and Norbert Slovis, and in honor of Lisa, Michael, Adam, David, and Jennifer Cohn.

DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH FUND – This fund will be used only for repair, replacement, or embellishment of items used for religious observances, prayer, or Torah study such as Torah scrolls, our Holy Arks, and other ritual or religious items.

EDUCATIONAL ENRICHMENT FUND – This fund is to enhance and enrich all educational programs of the Synagogue.

EDUCATOR’S SUPPLEMENT FUND – Established by Nancy and Jeffrey Becker, this fund supplements the salary/benefits compensation package of the Heska Amuna Education Director and teachers in the Religious School.

GENERAL FUND – Contributions to this fund are used to help defray our operating expenses. It should be realized that your dues are not sufficient to meet our entire budget and the Synagogue depends on contributions to make up the difference.

GERTRUDE GLAZER COHEN AND I.B. COHEN ENDOWMENT FUND – Established in memory of Gertrude Glazer Cohen and I. B. Cohen, mother and father of Arnold Cohen and Robert Cohen. This fund’s interest helps to defray Synagogue expenses.

HESKA AMUNA BUILDING FUND – These funds are used for capital improvements, expansions, and emergency repairs to the buildings and property of the synagogue.

HONORIALS AND MEMORIALS – Pays for designated items in the Synagogue.

KIDDUSHIM FUND – Supports providing lunch each week following Shabbat morning services.

LIBRARY FUND – Supports the Winick Library with new books and periodicals of interest.

MINDY GOLDBERG YAHRZEIT PLAQUE – Supports establishing a yahrzeit plaque in Mindy’s memory.

OUTSIDE BEAUTIFICATION FUND – This fund supports the maintenance and beautification of the Synagogue grounds.

PRAYERBOOK AND BIBLE FUND – This fund provides for the purchase of prayerbooks and bibles to be used in the Synagogue for services.

RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND – This fund affords monies for the Rabbi to use at his discretion for educational purposes and for Tzedakah, both inside the congregation and for the community at large.

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FINANCIAL AID FUND – The purpose of this fund is to assure that all children of Heska Amuna members can attend religious school, without regard to the ability of the family to pay fees and tuition.

SYLVIA ROBINSON MEMORIAL FUND – Established in memory of Sylvia Robinson, mother of the late Ruben and Mitchell Robinson and Fay Gluck. A committee will choose a special event.

TORAH FUND – Annual Sisterhood-sponsored fundraising project to support activities of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, generally held in January.

VOLUNTEER MINISTRIES FUND – Donations to this fund help to pay for the supplies that are bought to serve meals to the homeless at the Volunteers Ministries, every month.

YAHRZEIT FUND – Donations are made in observance of a loved one’s yahrzeit and placed in the General Fund.